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Lekhwar Hospitality Consultants Giving Support & Spirit during Tough Times

Lekhwar Hospitality Consultants Giving Support & Spirit during Tough Times

Lekhwar Hospitality Consultants Giving Support & Spirit during Tough Times

Over the past few months, many people have struggled financially due to the pandemic and mandatory shutdowns. This meant that businesses were no longer able to operate and generate revenue, or were operating at a deficit.

This was a harsh reality, especially for the entire hospitality industry. Not only did owners and operators suffer from the shutdown (and continue to do so), but so did their employees. Servers, bartenders and other restaurant and bar staff were unable to work or received minimal hours each week to assist with takeout and/or delivery. Many other employees were devoid of this option and needed to rely on government subsidies or other funding. Many of us at Lekhwar Hospitality Consultants witnessed and experienced the struggles in our respective regions.

But we didn’t sit back and accept it, we got creative!

Our company as a whole – reached out to customers & prospects to offer educational content and assistance, to help prepare for events that would follow post lockdown and once unlock would be commenced. This was the foundation of our “Crisis Communication Program”.

During this initiative, we helped identify practical margin opportunities,  alleviating loss-points in their organization, and provided tips and to get their restaurant operational once the shutdown had been lifted, and more. We wanted to be there for our customers, even if it were about answering questions or to simply chat. Our aim is to provide a constant flow of creating this type of content for our customers and prospects, because we feel it is important to offer a helping hand.

The hospitality industry is robust, creative and innovative. Throughout this ordeal, there have been many stories to share!

We feel immensely proud that our Consultants implemented some inventive ideas to make a difference in their regions during the pandemic. Here are just a few of the positive stories that show the contribution and the community spirit of Lekhwar Consultants.

Location: Dehradun

Story: Our able Consultants at Lekhwar Hospitality wanted to help their customers as well as the front line workers risking their lives during the pandemic. They went over some numbers in order to determine if any of their returning customers could benefit from a reduced audit fee. Some of the customers have been supplementing the lower auditing fees with gift cards, which these Consultants, in turn, plan to donate to frontline workers to support and thank them for their hard work.

Location: Lucknow

Story: This Lekhwar consultant acted as a true advocate for the Food and restaurant owners in this region and beyond. He strived hard to create a positive activity for the industry by actively recommending that everyone reach out to their local governments to encourage.

Location: Delhi

Story: This Lekhwar Consultant has been into some out-of-the-box thinking during the pandemic as to the different ways in which he can keep people connected. The two initiatives mentioned below were effectively implemented and received lots of positive support from his community.

Hospitality Interviews – In addition to the Social Distance Inn, Daymien also ran a series of interviews with venue operators and owners within his region. He conducted interviews with some of his current Sculpture customers, as well as other hospitality players. These interviews were aired on his Lekhwar Hospitality Facebook page – sharing relevant and helpful advice with his followers.

Story: During the pandemic, our expert panel of Lekhwar Consultants wanted to create a temporary solution that would help their customers and those associated stay safe during these unprecedented times.

The Famous Halwai offered internal COVID-19 audits/inspections based on their local regions health and safety social distancing guidelines. These inspections covered all areas that needed to be reviewed during Phase 3 of reopening, right from parking and valet to entrance/exit procedures, host stands to customer seating, and much more.

Results uncovered during the inspection and actionable items that need to be completed ASAP would be thoroughly reported as well as implemented in a timely manner to ensure a safe environment for staff and the restaurant’s customers.

The approach was not just innovative, but it was also done in a positive manner that is helpful for the customers to get up and get going in a faster and safer way.

At Lekhwar, it would be an understatement to say we are proud of our team. Our Consultants have done a tremendous job giving back and supporting their communities during this time. Even the smallest action is meaningful, especially during a time where the future is unknown.

The hospitality sector has shown time and time again that it has a big heart. We are all in this together, so let’s continue to give back and take care of each other.