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Boost Your Hospitality Revenue With Menu Engineering

Boost Your Hospitality Revenue With Menu Engineering

Boost Your Hospitality Revenue With Menu Engineering

Lekhwar Consultants are one of the leading Menu engineering companies in Delhi. We have had clients gaining ongoing profit increases of up to 15% from one menu redesign and additional profits from future refinements. You too can design your menu for greater profits as advised by the top menu engineering services in Delhi. Menu engineering is the study of the profitability and popularity of menu items and how these two factors influence the placement of these items on a menu. The goal is simple: to increase profitability per guest.

Lekhwar Consultants not just focus on your main menu, concepts are equally applicable to menus posted online, drink menus, specials written on table tents, and items written on menu boards. Simply put, we help you effectively sell items that have varying levels of profitability and popularity. Our expert panel devises actionable strategies that apply to all types of menus: traditional food menus, wine lists, menu boards, and more. We increase your profitability by:

Menu Costing:

Menu costing refers to the process of breaking down every item on the menu to its individual ingredients, This helps in determining exactly how much it costs to create each of these items. 80% of eateries, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality set ups overlook this crucial factor because it is  time consuming. Unfortunately, there is no way around that fact, and you have to put in the work if you want to reap the benefits of a more profitable menu.

Menu Categorization:

Menu generally has these common categories: Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts, and Drinks. The key is to have no overlap between the menu items in the various categories. The list should make sense for your particular menu.

Once you have sorted out the corresponding food items into categories, its time to further divide them into sections. For instance, here are some common sections we suggest, that fit into the Entree category: Vegetarian Entrees, Seafood Entrees, Meat Entrees; and here are some for the Drinks category: Alcoholic Drinks and Nonalcoholic Drinks.

Collaborate with one of the best menu engineering companies in Delhi for an amazing menu and profitable business.

Menu Design:

Menu design usually involves highlighting the items you want to sell the most. It may be in the form of font size, colours, well shaped boxes etc. How to decide what items to highlight? Our menu engineering experts chart out what types of customers order which items, what drives them to your establishment (a certain dish, cheap drinks, atmosphere), do your customers read your menu thoroughly, among other factors.

Get in touch with the top menu engineering consultants in Delhi and increase your revenue through effective menu planning & menu engineering services in Delhi.

Top Hospitality Consultants In India

Top Hospitality Consultants In India

Running a hospitality establishment is far from easy. Along with the ever-changing dynamics of the market & industry, owners also have to be in-sync with changing consumer tastes and behaviours as well. Sometimes due to the uncertain environment and market conditions, hotel owners are forced to sell their hotels. The modus operandi of any hospitality establishment is to generate maximum returns on their investment. Due to the lack of optimal performance, or requisite expertise in managing the competitive market, hotel owners often end up selling out their hotel property. Lekhwar Hospitality is among the top hotel lease consultant in Delhi, whose team of experts will suggest to you how to take advantage of the power of your life-long asset and reach an audience that might be productive to you.

We are a top hotel and kitchen set up consultants in Delhi who provide support in the form of resources and manpower so that your hospitality business shows consistent growth. Clients can explore from our wide range of high-quality services such as  –

Hotel Leasing

Very similar to a rental contract, leasing out a hotel is a very safe and beneficial alternative. Numerous clients have associated with us to venture into the franchise model where the owner who is going to own your business name will bear all the expenses and responsibilities of the establishment. We also offer great diversity rental conditions as per the health of the market, namely fixed rent and variable rent. This is especially a win-win situation for both parties, as the manager looks after the well-being and growth of the hotel and as the official owner, you will be provided regularly with a rental fee.  Boost your business prospects and earn maximum benefits by joining hands with the best hotel leasing company in Delhi.

Large-Scale Kitchens

Preparation and presentation of food play a vital role in the hospitality sector. It can make or break your hotel business. Being a renowned restaurant kitchen design service in Delhi, Lekhwar Consultants help you in organizing and setting-up kitchens in a way that saves your time and increases your productivity. Not only do we recommend the best dishwashers, conveyor ovens, blast chillers, freezers, cabinets; we also help deploy many more commercial kitchen equipment like A-grade quality stoves, oven, grills, refrigerators to our clients. Uncompromising on quality and safety we also suggest the best hoods and fire safety system for your hotel, resort, restaurant, etc. Lekhwar Hospitality is the best commercial kitchen design consultant Delhi and has garnered the trust and appreciation for providing top quality services to numerous Domestic kitchen chains, leading restaurants, food courts, corporate cafeterias, schools, colleges, and more.


We are a leading hotel branding service agency in Delhi providing branding design and development services to hotel planners. Our exceptional panel of experts work out their creative flair to the maximum so that your hotel brand stands out from the crowd. We cater to every need and requirement of the clientele, chart our audience demographics and then set out to create the most interactive and innovative campaigns. We offer complete hotel branding services that will make you the star of the marketplace. Right from capturing the stellar modular kitchen set up to the stylised way of food presentation, improving brand engagement and increasing the visibility, searchability and reachability of the brand messiahs we take care of it all.

Concept Development

Your hospitality brand deserves the best. Lekhwar Consultants makes sure that your kitchens get the best conveyor ovens, dishwashers, blast chillers, freezers, cabinets, and more to give that complete cutting-edge look. Accordingly, we work and deliver stunning and innovative kitchens that come with big and spacious preparation areas. As a leading restaurant concept development consulting in India we are adept at finishing touches, colourful lighting and schoolhouse charm also catering to some of the innovative ideas that our clients like and get inspired to create statement kitchens. Being the famous theme kitchen design manpower consultants in Delhi NCR we look after the overall process of restaurant design, remodelling, planning, and more.

Menu Engineering

Now increase your profit by up to 15% effortlessly just by redesigning your menu. Our experts discuss and work on strategies that work well as per the market standards and requirements. Being one of the most renowned hotel menu engineering manpower consultants in India, we study of the profitability and popularity of the menu items. Avail our best menu engineering services in Delhi to rejig your online menus, drink menus, and other marketing collateral like table tent cards, danglers, and more. High-quality and timely services are our forte.

Grow and develop your hotel business with the best hospitality manpower consultancy form in Delhi NCR – Lekjhwar Consultants. Get in touch with us today.

Cross-Utilizing Staff: Why This Benefits You and Your Employees

Cross-Utilizing Staff: Why This Benefits You and Your Employees

Staffing a restaurant has been a hot topic in 2020, especially with most workers being out of job for weeks together because of the COVID-19 lockdown. Fortunately, these workers, along with several other unemployed individuals had help in the form of government subsidies (depending on the region) to sustain the present crisis.

As restaurants began to reopen, some of these workers didn’t see or feel the need to return to work since they were technically getting paid without having to work. This may not be the case everywhere, but it was a pain point that restaurant owners felt in Idaho Springs in mid-June.

With that being said, not only are restaurant owners struggling to turn a profit due to reduced seating in their establishments; they are also having issues finding/hiring reliable staff.

So how do restaurants manage these different working conditions, especially if they have less number of staff? In order to keep the costs of staffing overhead down, we recommend implementing cross-training for your staff.

Cross-training staff is the concept of training staff complying with multiple operational areas of your restaurant or bar. By implementing cross-training for your staff, you are creating added efficiencies for your organization that will help not only you but your employees as well.

Why is it Important to Have Cross-Trained Staff in Your Restaurant?

As previously mentioned, in addition to improved efficiencies for your operations, cross-training also immensely saves costs. That being said, right now, every little bit helps. Cross-training your staff allows you to utilize one or more staff members in multiple areas during a shift which will definitely come handy, here’s why:

Contingency – Say, a bartender calls in sick for their shift, things like these do happen but then it increases difficulties for your restaurant, especially in the case of reduced staff. This is where cross-training plays a vital role – every set of hands helps. So, if you had a server scheduled for the same shift that was trained on the bar, that employee can be transferred to that empty shift without any issues. With other cross-trained staff on the same shift, they can each jump in and assist in the areas that need help, such as bussing tables, hosting, etc.

Adaptability – Trained staff handling multiple tasks around the restaurant would always be on the ready, any time you ask them to handle anything. Let us take the case of a slower seated lunch hour with more than enough servers working, but your takeout and delivery requests are off the charts and your kitchen staff are struggling. Why not utilize the servers that don’t have tables to serve to, take up their places the kitchen to help relieve the bottleneck and assist in prepping or packaging?

Appreciation – This has been a difficult time for everyone, and those who are working have been working harder than ever to make it through. With that said, employers who cross-train their employees are investing in their staff and equipping them to work more efficiently. This also makes staff feel valued and the ability to work more hours in different areas of the restaurant.

Cross-training staff also gives your team a chance to understand everyone’s part and that all areas, regardless of their level & roles, be it, front-end, back-end, central or any other, all have their pros and cons – this allows team members to appreciate each other and the importance of each role.

Staff Shortages and How Cross-Training Will Help Your Bottom Line

Overall, cross-training your staff will increase your restaurant’s productivity, even with minimum staff. For example, say you have a dishwasher who is experiencing downtime in the kitchen. Aside from slight uniform differences, this employee can easily go on the floor to bus tables, clean and sanitize before the next group or rush comes through. Having worked in the dish pit, this employee is also aware of levels of cleanliness and the expectations that need to be met. Therefore, instead of having 2 people on staff, you can utilize 1 multi-tasking two jobs.

With the shortage of staff as well, cross-training will help in minimizing stress and pressure among managers and the staff who are wanting to work. If someone calls in or quits, you still feel confident that your well-trained staff can complete the shift without hiccups or struggles. Also, with more cross-trained staff, you will need lesser staff on the roster, allowing you to pick those who are efficient and mesh well together, all while reducing your overhead which helps cut costs and is also positive at the bottom line.

Tips for Cross-Training Your Staff

When training staff, regardless of if it’s their first training session or being cross-trained in another area or aspect, it is important to set reasonable expectations and introduce them to a positive culture that is shared amongst the team. However, when it comes to cross-training there are some things to consider, here are a few tips to help get you started:

  • Communicate to your staff the importance of teamwork and foster mutual respect & support.
  • Make sure each employee has someone who can step into their role. This offers contingency in case someone calls in sick for a shift.
  • Stage mock scenarios to ensure that your staff are cross-trained enough to take on the responsibilities of all of their roles.
  • Choose the right people to be cross-trained. This cannot be stressed enough! Be sure that the employee is driven, a team player and is reliable.
  • Offer an open door policy to your employees to offer feedback and ask questions.

As you can see, cross-training your staff can offer your restaurant numerous opportunities and benefits. It is a strategy that will help you now and in the future – advancing your team and encouraging them to work well together, like a well-oiled machine.

For more information or questions about cross-training your staff, please reach out to your local Lekhwar Hospitality consultant. During this time we want to help you succeed, so reach out, even if it’s for a friendly chat.