How Do Hospitality Consultants Help In Reviving Business Post Lockdown

How Do Hospitality Consultants Help In Reviving Business Post Lockdown

How Do Hospitality Consultants Help In Reviving Business Post Lockdown

Life is slowly but steadily returning back to normal, now that ‘Unlock’ is being rolled out in phases. The Hospailtiy Industry is one of the worst-hit sectors because of the global Corona pandemic. Despite these turbulent times, many hospitality establishments have swum across the wild currents reviving their business with the help of hospitality consultants and thus, emerging out much stronger than before. Lekhwar Hospitality, one of the leading hospitality consultancy is proud to be a part of this revival movement. Our high-quality Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry is key to many hotels, resorts, restaurants and hospitality chains witnessing resounding success and growth.

How do we help your business get back on track?

At ground level, we needed to rethink and reinvent our strategies as this was one of a kind daunting situation. We devised an actionable plan which would ensure sustainable development for us as well as our clients while not compromising on key performance indicators.

Cash Conservation – Holding fruitful collaborations and honest conversations with all our stakeholders including the landowners (for our leased hotels), vendors, operators and our employees. It has been heartening to see everyone being empathic about the challenging situation; join hands and come together to work for this cause, helping each other grow and develop.

Contactless Check-in & Dining – We have helped many hotels, restaurants and resorts introduce mobile check-in or virtual check-in points to reduce contact as far as possible. Preventing congregation at the check-in desk during peak hours and doing away with the use of potentially contaminated key cards is essential. This would also reduce the risk of infection & disease contraction.

Smart contact tracking – It is essential for hospitality setups to have an efficient backup system in case of emergency and disease phases. Mobile contact tracing apps augmented by AI Features can be a great deal of help during an unexpected outbreak, as they monitor for early signs, and manage inventory. Real-time transfer of guests to a well-protected environment is also possible. Personnel can also utilize inventory optimization software to accommodate emergency readiness protocols.

In addition to the above, we are also striving to collaborate with the government through various industry bodies and volunteering in steps facilitate an appropriate economic stimulus package to the industry. As a hospitality entrepreneur, you can be double sure of our excellent Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry. We empower your organisation by improving customer relationships at every touchpoint in the guest journey. We restructure your team and provide them with well-equipped training sessions which boosts their multi-skilling potential. We also have helped numerous hospitality establishments in redefining H&S standards for cleaning and housekeeping, creating novel SOPs for receiving guests so that the team, as well as guests, can feel safe. Last but not the least, we also help in devising personalized packages and cancellation friendly offers. Grow your hospitality business with the top hospitality consultancy in India-  Lekhwar Hospitality.

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