8 Ways To Reduce Your Hotel’s Kitchen Costs

8 Ways To Reduce Your Hotel’s Kitchen Costs

8 Ways To Reduce Your Hotel’s Kitchen Costs

 Many hotel chains and hospitality set up owners approach us to reorganize their hotel revenue management system. So here’s an article from the top hotel consultants in India, bringing you cool 8 ways to reduce your hotel’s kitchen costs.

 #1 Analyse the hotel kitchen data

A generic picture about your spending, hidden costs and savings is always good for the health of your hotel revenue management. To gain visibility of the overall spending situation it is essential to gather statistics around daily takings, expenses and costs of goods, staff rosters etc. Next step is to observe whether the wages and cost of goods outweigh profits or not.  Look for the patterns that help you deduce the ins and out, swings and roundabouts of busy periods, all those quiet patches and how much wasted food returns on plates.

#2 Cross Train Your Staff

Did you know that cross-training your staff can provide an effective solution to seasonality, demand variability, and labour shortage? Apart from increasing shared knowledge and transparency in all departments, cross-training also subsequently leads to better service quality and productivity.

#3 Smart Control Systems

Replacing obsolete ACs, thermostats, lighting and kitchen equipment with automation controls is the best solutions. Reduce your power bills with occupancy controls in hotel dining areas, kitchen and rooms that consume less electricity.  Studies suggest that these can save to save between 12 and 24% in heating and cooling energy.

#4 A systematic labour management system

Adequately staffed kitchen with proper shifts and cross-trained personnel can double the productivity of your hotel. What’s more, it saves up to 40% of your expenses otherwise required for infrastructure and hiring together. Another valuable tip is to use a suite of smart tools that help your hotel control labour costs. One can save anywhere between 40-60% based on how effectively the hotel labour management system.

#5 Strategically design your menu

Lekhwar Hospitality is one of the leading hotel revenue management experts in India offering a systematic infrastructure. This helps clients effectively breakdown each dish by ingredient cost and supplier percentage, plus it incorporates supplier codes and recipe instructions. The biggest advantage of this smart system is the full control and visibility thus helping respective managers to monitor expense, savings and allocate funds.

#6 Zero Food Waste Policy

Face it. If you want larger profits, then you must reduce food wastage. Many hotels swear by this success mantra. Your head chef is the greatest pillar of support. However, it is important to note that while creative flair and innovation in cooking is essential for the head chef, he or she must not indulge in the excess ordering of food material supplies. Above all the food prepared must be excellent and always garner appreciation from the guests. Food experiments should not lead to people leaving it untouched. Another important thing is regular, quick and efficient stocktake to ensure there is no theft, misplacing or wastage happening.

#7 Classify Your Dishes

What are the most popular food items people always go for? What are the new and innovative dishes that can quickly steal guests’ hearts? Do popular food items need unique ingredients or can they be replaced with healthier alternatives? Classify your menu according to the most popular, economical, healthy, least popular, exotic varieties etc. This will help you a great deal in managing your hotel kitchen costs.

#8 Pre-planned Menu Engineering

Being the best hotel consultancy in India, our menu engineering experts have helped numerous hotels, motels and resorts across the nation, save large expenditures with our ready-to-implement commercially structured food and beverage solutions. A strategic menu planning results in a well-balanced menu and smooth operations. Not to forget many hotels have witnessed almost 200% boost in sales and performance.

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