Everything You Must Know About Commercial Kitchens

Everything You Must Know About Commercial Kitchens

Everything You Must Know About Commercial Kitchens

Any hospitality establishment or health sector-related building would house a large scale kitchen or a commercial kitchen set up. If you’re a hotelier or own a resort or restaurant of your own then you would also know that a true commercial kitchen is much more than just the equipment or personnel found in it. An ideal commercial kitchen must fulfil needs and have equipment associated with those needs. Being one of the leading large scale kitchen setup experts in Delhi we are well-adept at establishing successful kitchens across the hospitality industry which includes specific components organized in a particular pattern to optimize performance and efficiency.

Trust us for perfect space management and design that brings outs the best in your commercial kitchen layout more effectively. Before delving deeper let us have a look at what constitutes a commercial kitchen.

The 5 components of a commercial kitchen

  1. Cooking Station
  2. Storage
  3. Washing station
  4. Food preparation
  5. Service area

Designated spaces enable one to effectively plan colour palettes, vessels and equipment, designing, decor, etc.

Did you know that there are 5 basic layouts for a commercial kitchen?

In the Assembly line layout, equipment and vessels are arranged in a central row that starts with the preparation phase and ends with a completed item that is ready to be taken to be served.

Island Layout has a central cooking station which has main equipment which then gradually layers out to storage units, washing stations, and food prep counters along its perimeter.

In Zone-style, each kind of activity that goes on in the kitchen is segmented into different zones such as Gravy station, Frying Station, Salad Station, Meat Station etc.

Galley Layout generally has all equipment and activities placed along the two parallel walls. Works for small and tightly packed kitchen areas.

An Open Kitchen layout is the most commonly found layout in most hospitality setups where customers get to see all the action going on in the kitchen area.

Many of these layouts work best with multiple cooks who are each responsible for one part of the food production process. Organising various processes and activities can be effectively allocated. Some have efficient command centres facilitating staff communication and executive chef supervision. Whereas in some layouts numerous cooks can rotate to work multiple stations at once. Go through your kitchen space and select the best layout which enables maximum efficiency and productivity.

Lekhwar Hospitality is the best large scale kitchen setup experts in Delhi who provide expert consultation when it comes to theme design, menu design, equipment and station set up. Our biggest plus point is that we have tie-ups with reputed vendors and can work wonders while giving your commercial kitchen a complete makeover. Avail high-quality service, comprehensive and affordable large scale kitchen setup with Lekhwar Hospitality.

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