Hotel Leasing With Lekhwar Consultants

Hotel Leasing With Lekhwar Consultants

Hotel Leasing With Lekhwar Consultants

Leased hotels and hotel real estate have been the most sought after assets by institutional capital. Numerous big shot hospitality chains like Marriot, ITC, Accor and even Tata are involved in regular leasing and bid-based indexed linked leases which have fuelled the proliferation of the budget hotel sector. With record amounts of capital queued to be invested in alternative asset classes, it’s no surprise that the hospitality sector is experiencing record yields across all sub-sectors.

Investors are always on the lookout for greater returns, which has naturally lead to the humongous percentage of institutional investors considering hotel leasing as long term beneficial investments. With this increasing institutional interest, new structures are being created that can mitigate operational risk and meet the needs of institutional investors. With a telescopic vision that holds a promising future, Lekhwar Consultants – the top hotel lease consultant in Delhi has helped numerous clients to be a part of this tremendous boom in the hospitality sector. Through years of industrial experience and a proficient team that is adept at handling all challenges and roadblocks that hit in the way of progress; we have a proven track record of excellence and quality.

Over the last decade, as per recent research, leased hotels have outperformed some of the other more traditional asset classes in terms of income and capital growth. Lekhwar consultants are involved in discernable strategy planning in this regard as we expect the sector to continue to perform well. Our relentless quest for knowledge, innovation and recent trends has resulted in many clients approaching us. We have been helping clients with their enduring interest in the leased hotel asset class throughout the last few years,  given the weight of capital available. Moreover, we have also guided investors continuing to seek long-term security. We also expect to see investors diversify their portfolios with the addition of newer brands or maintaining equally active targeting brands transforming them into market leaders.

We are the best hotel leasing company in Delhi and we recommend you the franchise management model. Franchise Model consists of a manager who is going to own your business name will bear all the expenses and responsibilities of the establishment while the owner enjoys a regular income from the profits earned by the setup.   Hotel lease is the best alternative to hotel sale and very similar to a rental contract. We have years of experience in guiding our clients for better and stable income models for your business.

Being one of the leading hotel consultants in Delhi, we also suggest you a great diversity of rental conditions such as fixed rent or variable rent that can be set as per inflation rates, or income. Also, there can be a hybrid rent where the tenant can pay a variable rent with a minimum guaranteed amount. These flexible payment agreements, payment options and amicable settlement of debates and discussions rank us high among the top hotel lease consultants in Delhi.

We have earned the unshakeable trust and appreciation among millions of happy customers through our leasing model. Hotel leasing has today become an institutional capital to be a prominent source of inward investment into the hotel sector. Boost your business prospects and earn maximum benefits by joining hands with the best hotel leasing company in Delhi.

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