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WHAT ARE HOTEL MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES? Hotel Management and Consultancy Services include the guidance needed in the project planning or business planning of hotels. The service provider gives complete assistance regarding the needs of the project and how the needs should be applied to make the business profitable. What do Hotel Management and Consultancy Services Providers do? A Hotel Management and consultancy agency must give significant advice to investors or individuals that are curiousRead More
IMPORTANCE OF TANGIBLE AND INTANGIBLE SERVICES IN HOSPITALITY Hospitality for quite some time has been seen as a Global industry whose services have become a lifestyle for some people. In recent years, the volume and requirements for hotel service appear to grow out of the customary hotel offer, forcing an inquiry on the top administration whether the quality and offer of services coordinate with the necessities and wants of clients, and, significantly more critically, regardlessRead More
HOW TO IMPROVE GUEST SERVICE IN HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY? Regardless of whether somebody is travelling for business or pleasure, the degree of guest assistance an individual gets on their excursion will help decide if they return for another visit or caution their companions to stay away from your business. In a period of automation and client service bots, it’s not difficult to begin scrutinizing the significance of guest service in the hospitality industry. It’s one thingRead More
Resort Revenue Management For 2021 After a turbulent spate with the global corona pandemic, the world is slowly returning back to normal. The global pandemic also bought with it revolutionary changes in technology and trade with numerous businesses going digital. This is the golden era of IoT which dominates even the most trivial aspects of lifestyle. 2021 is witnessing tremendous evolution in business, scientific advancements technology and education. Needless to say, even the hospitality industryRead More
What is hotel marketing  & why is it so important?  Ask any hotel owner what their goal is and they’ll tell you they wish to make themselves known and increase their business volume. Hotel marketing refers to the initiatives aimed for building brand awareness and generating hotel revenue. Hotel marketing efforts generally include print and digital collateral that target former guests while also attracting new clientele.  In order to get ahead and stand out inRead More