What Skills Do You Need To Be A Hotel Consultant?

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Hotel Consultant?

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Hotel Consultant?

Have you always garnered ambitions to become a bigshot consultant in the hospitality industry? Do you dream of owning your own hospitality set up one day? Then its time to refurbish some super skillsets essential for an ideal hotel consultant. Lekhwar Hospitality has carved a niche identity in producing highly skilled manpower for hotels, resorts, homestays, hospitality chains etc. Years of market exposure and service excellence makes it the top hotel manpower consultant in India.

So what skills do you need to be a hotel consultant?

Great Communication Skills – No, it does not only mean having a sharp sales acumen or the gift of the gab to sell products and services to the customers. Only a great listener and observer can be the greatest communicator. Some of the essential skills include the power of listening, the power of hearing, the power of asking the wrong person the right question. What one says must be concise, to the point and customers must not be made to feel as if products and services are being forced on them.

Maintaining Positive Guest Relationships – Any relationship between tow humans needs work. And speaking of guest relationships for a hotel consultant – it is loaded with investment in efforts and time! Right from providing proper facilities to the guests on time, making them feel comfortable and happy, one has to literally pamper them till the end of their stay. Loyalty programs, special privileges, lucrative offers, compliments etc work a long way into earning repeat customers and generating revenue. At the end of the day, it is all about successful chemistry!

Enterprising – Hotel consultants’ reputation rests upon their very enterprising skills. This means they have to be tech-savvy. They must constantly oversee that the hotel website is regularly updated and reinvented in terms of design, facilities and rates, travel location, offers and activities. Secondly they must take advantage of this IoT augmented era – clients nowadays mostly search for hotels based o facilities, reviews, specific locations such as airport, beach, highway etc. The hotel consultant must ensure that the hotel fares well on search engine sites such as OYO, Trivago, MakeMyTrip, etc. Last but not the least, promotions are an essential step to maximize brand engagement, customer retention and revenue generation. Special event offers, weekend offers, seasonal offers and discounts will always attract customers and the consultant must carry their online and offline promotions in full swing.

Hope this article provided you with a deeper insight into what skills do you need to be a hotel consultant. If you’re a hospitality entrepreneur looking for skilled staff or an aspirant looking forward to upgrading your career, get in touch with us at Lekhwar Hospitality.

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