About Us

Kitchen is an essential part of any hotel or restaurant. Most of the time, it is the messiest part of the restaurant because of its excessive use for cooking, preparing meals, washing the dishes, and more. But with the help of kitchen designers, you can make this area neat, organized, and well-managed. Keeping this thing in mind, Lekhwara Hospitality was started in 2017 to ensure that the commercial kitchens are convenient and well-designed.

From stacked shelving to moody hues to simple cabinets to juxtaposing materials to finishing touches to colourful lighting to schoolhouse charm to eye-catching tiles to painted floors to floating shelves and more, we give you genius looking designs. Not only this, but our team of experts have a sound understanding of designer show kitchens, theatre kitchens, bars, and buffet counters, gas systems, and fire suppression systems and more. We plan kitchens keeping in mind the ideal workflow, zig-zag movements, and making sure that the kitchen can handle the load and ergonomics.

We have comprehensive knowledge of the latest foodservice equipment, MEP services, and follow regular schedules for the delivery of supplies at sites. We offer our kitchen designing services for:

  • Show kitchens
  • Dining kitchens
  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Indian Kitchens
  • Buffet counters
  • Banquet kitchens
  • Tea lounges
  • Poolside Barbeque
  • F& B pantries and stores
  • Employee cafeterias and more


Our team is adept at suggesting you the best kitchen equipment like dishwashers, blast chillers, shock freezers, pizzerias, sandwich tables, ice cubers, buffet refrigeration, and more. Our team work with competency, dexterity, and their years of experience would give you the most flexible, modular components and multitasking equipment. We do menu engineering that increases the profitability of your restaurant and offer manpower to hotels as per their needs and requirements. Our newer initiatives, like leasing a hotel, acting as a referral in providing the best manpower, kitchen consultancy services, facility planning, and more are going even further. Nowadays, guests are customizing their meals and expecting something better. We ensure to offer the best commercial -kitchen equipment which frees up space in the back so that you can expand takeout and other catering functions.

We make sure that there is a minimization of clutter and maximization of food safety.