Market Research

Lekhwar Hospitality is an equally renowned hotel industry market research company in Delhi NCR. Our team of experts conducts proper market research and illustrates their detailed plan before working on any kitchen set-up. They know about reading blueprints, building and fire codes, and new trends in the kitchen world. Not only this but our exceptional manpower offer sales and design solutions to clients and decide on a complete strategic pricing and project management. We are one of the fast-growing and leading hospitality industry market research services in India.

As the top hotel industry market research company in India we keep the right foot in the door, providing manpower that can handle the fierce market competition. To make sure-footed decisions, the manpower takes relevant steps and follows actionable market insights. They understand customers’ expectations around the quality and revolutionize the way meals are ordered, prepared, and delivered.

Some of the expertise of our workforce are:

  • Having a bird-eye view of Indian markets
  • Providing actionable intelligence to the management
  • Growth acceleration
  • Making informed decisions before setting-up new restaurants or kitchens
  • Accountable for both profits and losses
  • Working to expand into new markets and channels
  • Adapting themselves to understand new technologies, concepts, and brands
  • Understanding the market landscape
  • Working and making decisions as per the environmental considerations
  • Understanding the geopolitical impacts and updated technology innovations
  • Considering macroeconomic trends
  • Doing competitive research and understanding trends
  • Understanding consumer dining trends and setting-up the kitchen as per the requirement
  • Identification of the opportunity that leads to growth and expansion
  • Categorization and segmentation, which makes them understand whether the market is expanding or shrinking. It helps in making wise decisions and to work as expected of them
  • Various risks mitigation which may pose a threat to the organization
  • Understanding societal trends that may impact the business in both the short-run as well as long-run

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