Menu Engineering

We are one among the top hotel menu engineering manpower consultant providing manpower with proven expertise in designing your menu for higher profits. Now, it’s easier to increase your profit by up to 15% by redesigning your menu. Our experts discuss and work on strategies that work well as per the market standards and requirements. Do want to gain more insights about Menu Engineering. Simply put, it is the study of the profitability and popularity of the menu items. We make sure that our menu engineering services apply to your online menus, drink menus, and other marketing collateral like table tent cards, danglers, and more. We are sure that our menu engineering services would increase your restaurant’s profits by 10 to 15% continuously. You can squeeze additional profits out of the same menu provided we are allowed to apply time and effort to execute changes.

Being one of the most renowned hotel menu engineering manpower consultants in India we offer high-quality and timely services. Our talented manpower works on the menu-engineering process, which is divided into four steps:

  • Menu cost
  • Categorizing the menu items as per the profit and popularity levels
  • Designing the complete menu
  • Testing the completely new menu design

Menu cost is a process of breaking down every single item on the menu to its ingredients and thereby determining the cost to create each of these items. Our workforce is talented enough to be put in -charge of the menu cost designing. Similarly, the skilled workforce can categorize menu items into different categories and sections. For example: vegetarian entrees, seafood entrees, non-vegetarian entrees, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The workforce is talented and certified from the renowned universities and can go through multiple menu items and categorize them section-wise. These can be:

  • High profitability and high popularity
  • Low profitability and high popularity
  • High profitability and low popularity
  • Low profitability and low popularity

We provide manpower who can design your menu by highlighting the items that sell the most. With their years of industry experience, they consider customer base, types of customers, customer demand, and accordingly design the menu. Other things like space requirements in the menu designing, frequency of the items, and appealing food shots are kept in mind for creating the classy menu. The final stage of the menu designing is testing it in the market. Our workforce has good hands-on the testing the new menu among customers and thereby work on the profit improvement criteria. Join the best hotel menu engineering manpower consultant in India.