Hotel Booking:

Hotel BookingIf you are planning to travel, then booking a hotel is a mandate. Holidays can be a two-week, just weekend or a long-term trip. All you need is the best accommodation and food. These days, booking a hotel has become plain sailing. However, it happens that behind the deals, there are so many hidden charges that you need the best hotel agents to help you with a transparent hotel booking. Lekhwar hospitality offers hotel booking services at the best prices. You might be looking for city breaks or holiday resorts; we have the best list of hotels that match your living style.

Our team of experts always guide you to book your hotel at the right time. We always take care of the local holidays and advise our guests accordingly. We suggest the best to our clients in terms of hotel reviews, location, transport, accommodation, sightseeing, rates, discounted deals, and more. We are contented to make the necessary arrangements for our clients as per their requirements.

We have an excellent network through the hospitality industry. We are proud to share that our accessibility to the best reservation systems across the country enables us to provide satisfactory services to our clients.  Our specialty lies in the fact that we offer adventure tourism packages. So, from diving to cycling to aqua to biking to trekking to city crawl to more, we have everything for your most trending trips. After a day of your adventure activity, you need a place to stay and rest and get ready for the next day activity. Don’t sweat out as we do all the hard work that worth for you.

We guide you for a comprehensive hotel-booking package and the best time to take the trip. Being an adventure buff, you would always want to try different tours and explore the best hotels. When Lekhwar hospitality, you can get the best accommodation after your adventure activity and revive your aching muscles for the next day thrill.

Sounds interesting? Then, book with us and get the best hotel accommodation with affordable rates for domestic hotels booking. We assure you with the optimum quality, service, and price for your stay.


Hotel Lease:

Sometimes due to the uncertain environment and market conditions, hotel owners want to sell their hotels. Isn’t it right? The main interest could be to get the best return on their investment. When the business doesn’t perform optimally, or the hotel owners don’t have the expertise in managing the competitive market, they opt to sell out their hotel property. However, our team of experts will suggest to you how to take advantage of the power of your life-long asset and reach an audience that might be productive to you. We can recommend you for the franchise management model where the owner who is going to own your business name will bear all the expenses and responsibilities of the establishment. The hotel lease is the best alternative to the sale and very similar to a rental contract. We have years of experience in guiding our clients for better and stable income models for your business.

Not only this, but we suggest you better how there can be a great diversity of rental conditions. There can either be a fixed rent which can be due to inflation in the market or a variable rent when the amount can be negotiated well as per the income. Also, there can be a hybrid rent where the tenant can pay a variable rent with a minimum guaranteed amount.

You would be happy to know that in the leasing model since the manager assumes the business risk, he is responsible for the well-functioning of the business. Undoubtedly, the owner still owns the property and will be given a rental fee. We make sure that each lease is differentiated and unique in its way, and both parties stay in a win-win situation. In the hotel lease system, the owner doesn’t have to be an active participant in the daily activities and management of the hotel and acts as a landlord. On the other hand, the operator bears all the financial risk and acts as a tenant.


Kitchen setup:

Kitchen setupMost of us would agree with the fact that cooking is one of the powerful ceremonies for life. When different ingredients are put together, the kitchen becomes a fantastic place where the chefs do wonders, and the guests can’t skip the meals. While opening a new hotel or a restaurant, you need a significant investment in the kitchen. Not only this but industrial-grade equipment, the design, and layout of the commercial kitchen should stand out. These things are required to handle a busy restaurant schedule. Our team of experts will help you in setting-up commercial kitchens with ease that allows your food to get prepared seamlessly from the prep area to the line.

Your commercial kitchen is a place where food is prepared for the guests. At the same place, the dirty dishes are also brought, food is preserved and where all the commercial-kitchen equipment reside. Many people are working throughout the day and night to keep this place organized and managed. We help you in organizing and setting-up kitchens in such a way that saves your time and increase your productivity. We suggest you the best commercial ovens and ranges which can be used effectively for high volume cooking. We recommend the best products with A grade quality like stoves, oven, grills, refrigerators and more for your kitchens. We also suggest the best hoods and fire safety system.

Our kitchen set up services are for many Domestic kitchen chains, leading restaurants, food courts, corporate cafeterias, schools, colleges, and more. Our existing clients discuss our work for them to others, and this gives us a word of mouth advertising for other hotel partners. We plan, design, install, and supply the commercial kitchen equipment. From colors to components to equipments to parts and materials, we suggest everything to complete the look of your kitchen. Apart from this, we recommend the best dishwashers, conveyor ovens, blast chillers, freezers, cabinets, and many more commercial kitchen equipment to our clients.

So, if you are planning to have innovative kitchens, then, go nowhere but rely on Lekhwara services and give your chefs the experience to cook in their way.


Campaigning and Adventure:

These days, campaign and adventure trips are in high demand. You may find great deals through both online and offline marketing platforms. Lekhwara hospitality is different as it provides compelling adventure trips at the best prices. So, if you are planning for better vacation days, then, go nowhere but rely upon us. We offer the best campaigning and adventure tours in India. You may wish to experience a snow leopard trail in the Hemis National Park of Ladakh or ride a motorcycle to Gurudongmar or enjoy some trekking at beautiful places and more, we provide all. We want to make your expedition to be as exclusive and amazing as possible. The breath-taking sceneries, catching the glimpses of creatures, teaming up with locals, watching animals from a distance and more will surely offer a thrilling experience.

The team at Lekhwara Hospitality guide you with the best campaign and adventure places, the best accommodation, travel routes, and more at cost-effective prices. Being an adventure buff, you would surely be convinced with our services. Places like Bir Billing for high-flying activity, mountain biking in Kerala, winter sports like skiing in Gulmarg, rickshaw challenge and more will surely provide an experience to behold. For a truly local experience, we offer customized packages as per your needs and suggest the best. So, it’s time to make yourself richer by exploring the unexplored places. For adventure buffs, adventure can never be dangerous, and the routine is lethal. We understand this and offers the best adventure packages. It’s time to climb the mountain and see the world.



a) Kitchen Designer: We provide skilled manpower for commercial kitchen designing. Our kitchen designers will help in renovating and recreating the kitchens. We make sure that our manpower is expert in designing kitchens which are convenient, well-designed, comfortable, and handle the kitchen workflow hassle-free. Their concepts are unique and can be customized to suit your taste and requirement. The thoughtful design-muscle and the right mix of equipment and skills are used to create masterpiece kitchens that act as a center stage for your hotel. Kitchen design is a specialized form of design and requires an excellent experience. Our experts are adept at computer-aided drafting, fantastic design principles, business ethics and environment, and more.

Apart from this, we provide kitchen designers who have a keen eye on the updated kitchen design trends. Due to these facts, our kitchen designers have more employment opportunities than others. Aside from talent, our kitchen designers have mindsets who can work well in challenging and tricky situations. They look beyond the surface of things and design well considering the minute details and big picture. We are proud to provide the best kitchen designers who work for odd hours, handle bizarre clients’ briefs, and workloads efficiently. They know how to balance projects and to manage time efficiently. Certified from the renowned universities and colleges, our kitchen designers are comfortable in working with both big and small teams. They deal with challenges as an evolving process to improve their skills. Their years of experience and creativity level allows them to produce something brilliant and to turn different ideas into an amazing finished product. To do better, our kitchen designers question and challenge themselves in tricky situations. Thus, hiring manpower from us is a sure road to a long and happy working success for you. It’s time to go for the best kitchen designers, keep growing and seek new inspirations to work the best ways.

b) Menu engineering:

We believe in providing manpower that knows how to design your menu for higher profits. Now, it’s easier to increase your profit by up to 15% by redesigning your menu. Our experts discuss and work on strategies that work well as per the market standards and requirements. You may wonder to know more about Menu Engineering. Simply put, it is the study of the profitability and popularity of the menu items. We make sure that our menu engineering services apply to your online menus, drink menus, and other marketing collateral like table tent cards, danglers, and more. We are sure that our menu engineering services would increase your restaurant’s profits by 10 to 15% continuously. You can squeeze additional profits out of the same menu provided we are allowed to apply time and effort to execute changes.

Our talented manpower works on the menu-engineering process, which is divided into four steps:

  • Menu cost
  • Categorizing the menu items as per the profit and popularity levels
  • Designing the complete menu
  • Testing the completely new menu design


Menu cost is a process of breaking down every single item on the menu to its individual ingredients and thereby determining the cost to create each of these items. Our workforce is talented enough to be put in -charge of the menu cost designing. Similarly, the skilled workforce is able to categorize menu items into different categories and sections. For example, vegetarian entrees, seafood entrees, non-vegetarian entrees, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and more. The workforce is talented and certified from the renowned universities and can go through multiple menu items and categorize them section-wise. These can be:

  • High profitability and high popularity
  • Low profitability and high popularity
  • High profitability and low popularity
  • Low profitability and low popularity

We provide manpower who can design your menu by highlighting the items that sell the most. With their years of industry experience, they consider customer base, types of customers, customer demand, and accordingly design the menu. Other things like space requirements in the menu designing, frequency of the items, and appealing food shots are kept in mind for creating the classy menu. The final stage of the menu designing is testing it in the market. Our workforce has good hands-on the testing the new menu among customers and thereby work on the profit improvement criteria.


c) Theme Designing:

We at Lekhwara Hospitality make sure that our each theme kitchen designing looks better, innovative, and beneficial than the last one. Our dedicated manpower plan the functional aspects of the kitchen. We deal with our clients and discuss the details of the project requirement. We draw the plan, talk with architects, hire further manpower, order, and install the required appliances and materials for the perfect look of the theme kitchen. We work on the theme, colors, lighting, cabinets, floor coverings, equipment, workspace, kitchen layout, and more to give you the best results. After all, you deserve a well-deserved upgrade style of your kitchen. Whether you want to replace upper cabinets with floating shelves or adding a hit of posh style to cooking space and more, we offer all super-amazing ideas and installations.

We provide talented kitchen designers who can work on theme-oriented kitchen styles like fast-casual, family-style, fine dining, café or bistro, fast food, food truck, restaurant buffet, and more. At some places, customers want to see how their food is being prepared. Our experts have a complete understanding of different customer demands and market trends. So, whether you are planning to start a franchise based restaurant or an independent restaurant, our team knows all the ins and outs of planning a thematic kitchen. So, whether you need digital panels on ovens, holding cabinets, ice machines, and other essentials for a commercial kitchen, our workforce knows everything. In many theme-kitchens, guests customize their meals like making their pizzas, burritos, and more. The talented manpower would suggest you how to free up space in the back, so there is more room for takeout and other catering functions.

d) Branding Design and Development:

Undoubtedly, branding for a company is like your market reputation. We provide branding design and development services to hotel planners. Our experts know whether black color adds an elegant style to your kitchens or pink goes well for your ladies clientele. We offer complete hotel branding services that will make you stand out among the marketplace. Whether bold is in or sober is more durable, we can give your traditional looking kitchens a complete makeover and transform them into a contemporary one. Our branding services are not only limited to kitchen designs but using different shades of materials, giving new looks, installing the best equipment and more to grab all those eyeballs who would love to have food prepared in your kitchens.

Our experts take your fantastic idea and turn it into reality. Restaurant owners may have a perfect idea, but to turn them into reality is a challenging task. Our experts make it possible for you and make your business a profitable one. Our project managers and designers work with you at every step of ideation and development. From planning to procurement to setting-in-place to brand identity and development, the trained people do it all. Your success is measured by the way you meet customers’demand. And we are confident that our workforce will promote and design creative marketing services for the commercial kitchens. Branding design and development can be done in the following ways:

  • Online marketing
  • Offline or traditional marketing
  • Public relations
  • Digital branding
  • Media planning and buying
  • Website design, development, and promotion that displays a lot about your kitchen
  • Newsletter marketing and more

Our mission is to provide you workforce that can give you sound advice and implement effective strategies which produce desired positive results. The skilled personnel understand the principles of good marketing and adopt new trends and innovative ideas for the effective working of the commercial kitchen.

e) Restaurant concept and development:

We understand our clients’ requirements and provide the best restaurant concept and development for hotel chains, food courts, corporate cafeterias, and more. The different colors, components, equipment, parts, and materials are considered to give that complete look to your restaurant. We understand that your kitchens require the best conveyor ovens, dishwashers, blast chillers, freezers, cabinets, and more to give that complete look to your kitchens. Accordingly, we work and deliver stunning and innovative kitchens that come with big and spacious preparation areas. Finishing touches, colorful lighting, schoolhouse charm, and more are some of the innovative ideas that our clients like and get inspired to create statement kitchens.

Our workforce knows the overall process of restaurant design, remodelling, planning, and more. The concept development team consists of specialized and experienced professionals who work with architects and make sure that there is a consistency of the design throughout the construction process. Apart from this, the team undertakes in-depth competitive research, financial planning, and branding opportunities. Whether you need manpower for a restaurant renovation or developing an entirely new concept, we have a solution for all. Undoubtedly, there is always a full scope of services like restaurant interior design to the creation of menu boards, arranging merchandise, doing local marketing, staff training programs, and more. We are confident that our skilled people would bring practical and relevant experience that may range from your kitchen to the boardroom.

Restaurant concept and development involves working with:

  • Chain operators
  • Investors
  • Technology
  • Suppliers


f) Market Research:

Our team of experts conduct proper market research and illustrate their detailed plan before working on any kitchen set-up. They know about reading blueprints, building and fire codes, and new trends in the kitchen world. Not only this but our manpower offer sales and design solutions to clients and decide on a complete strategic pricing and project management.

To keep the right foot in the door, we provide manpower that can handle the fierce market competition. To make sure-footed decisions, the manpower takes relevant steps and follow actionable market insights. They understand customers’ expectations around the quality and revolutionize the way meals are ordered, prepared, and delivered.

Some of the expertise of our workforce are:

  • Having a bird-eye view of Indian markets
  • Providing actionable intelligence to the management
  • Growth acceleration
  • Making informed decisions before setting-up new restaurants or kitchens
  • Accountable for both profits and losses
  • Working to expand into new markets and channels
  • Adapting themselves to understand new technologies, concepts, and brands
  • Understanding the market landscape
  • Working and making decisions as per the environmental considerations
  • Understanding the geopolitical impacts and updated technology innovations
  • Considering macroeconomic trends
  • Doing competitive research and understanding trends
  • Understanding consumer dining trends and setting-up the kitchen as per the requirement
  • Identification of the opportunity that leads to growth and expansion
  • Categorization and segmentation, which makes them understand whether the market is expanding or shrinking. It helps in making wise decisions and to work as expected of them
  • Various risks mitigation which may pose a threat to the organization
  • Understanding societal trends that may impact the business in both the short-run as well as long-run