Campaning & Adventure

These days, campaign and adventure trips are in high demand. You may find great deals through both online and offline marketing platforms. Lekhwar hospitality is different as it provides compelling adventure trips at the best prices. So, if you are planning for better vacation days, then, go nowhere but rely upon us. We offer the best campaigning and adventure tours in India. You may wish to experience a snow leopard trail in the Hemis National Park of Ladakh or ride a motorcycle to Gurudongmar or enjoy some trekking at beautiful places and more, we provide all. We want to make your expedition to be as exclusive and amazing as possible. The breath-taking sceneries, catching the glimpses of creatures, teaming up with locals, watching animals from a distance and more will surely offer a thrilling experience.

The team at Lekhwar Hospitality guide you with the best campaign and adventure places, the best accommodation, travel routes, and more at cost-effective prices. Being an adventure buff, you would surely be convinced with our services. Places like Bir Billing for high-flying activity, mountain biking in Kerala, winter sports like skiing in Gulmarg, rickshaw challenge and more will surely provide an experience to behold. For a truly local experience, we offer customized packages as per your needs and suggest the best. So, it’s time to make yourself richer by exploring the unexplored places. For adventure buffs, adventure can never be dangerous, and the routine is lethal. We understand this and offers the best adventure packages. It’s time to climb the mountain and see the world.