Hotel Lease

Sometimes due to the uncertain environment and market conditions, hotel owners are forced to sell their hotels. The main interest could be to get the best return on their investment. When the business doesn’t perform optimally, or the hotel owners don’t have the expertise in managing the competitive market, they opt to sell out their hotel property. Isn’t it right? But worry no more. Lekhwar Hospitality is among the top hotel lease consultant in Delhi. Our team of experts will suggest to you how to take advantage of the power of your life-long asset and reach an audience that might be productive to you.

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Being the No.1 hotel leasing company in Delhi, we can recommend you for the franchise management model where the owner who is going to own your business name will bear all the expenses and responsibilities of the establishment. Hotel lease is the best alternative to the sale and very similar to a rental contract. We have years of experience in guiding our clients for better and stable income models for your business.

Not only this, but we suggest you a great diversity of rental conditions. There can either be a fixed rent which can be due to inflation in the market or a variable rent when the amount can be negotiated well as per the income. Also, there can be a hybrid rent where the tenant can pay a variable rent with a minimum guaranteed amount. We are among the leading hotel lease consultant in Delhi.

You would be happy to know that in the leasing model since the manager assumes the business risk, he is responsible for the well-functioning of the business. Undoubtedly, the owner still owns the property and will be given a rental fee. We make sure that each lease is differentiated and unique in its way, and both parties stay in a win-win situation. In the hotel lease system, the owner doesn’t have to be an active participant in the daily activities and management of the hotel and acts as a landlord. On the other hand, the operator bears all the financial risk and acts as a tenant. Boost your business prospects and earn maximum benefits by joining hands with the best hotel leasing company in Delhi.