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Best Resort Consultants in Delhi NCR

Best Resort Consultants in Delhi NCR

Best Resort Consultants in Delhi NCR

Any resort owner dreams of taking his hospitality establishment to great heights. But often unprecedented events take a turn for the worse and the ‘tried & tested’ or formulaic approaches do not seem to work at all! This leaves many resort owners in a soup. A burning hot and a butter one at that! Collaborate with Lekwar Hospitality, the Best Resort Consultants in Delhi NCR for a consistent growth chart and profitability. We are the No.1 resort management company with result driven consulting expertise in resort development, operations and long-term management for resort projects of any sizes.

Our years of expertise and exposure in the industry have enabled us to provide full-service resort management. Our services include –

  • Asset Management including local compliances and ensuring local community engagement
  • Bi-annual market study report focussing on operational performance, future demand and supply
  • Development of standard operating procedures
  • Developing unique food and beverage concepts
  • Forecasting the profitability
  • Finding the right concept
  • Innovation-driven solutions for any scenario
  • Target Planning
  • Developing business plans
  • Running the project brilliantly
  • Creating and implementing promotion and sales programs
  • Fostering Revenue Management culture
  • Image & Reputation Management
  • Coaching, guidance and training (different levels)
  • The growth of management, supervisory and know-how skills
  • Increasing employee motivation.
  • The expansion of the company’s customer base and the market segment.

Through thoughtful design, aesthetically planned themes, well-equipped infrastructure and menu engineering Lekhwar Hospitality gives your resort an amazing makeover. We use insights to bring your ideas into reality while improvising on your theme, large scale kitchen equipment, menu and many more constructive aspects. We encourage our partners to use an entrepreneurial approach. Empowering our associates to take initiative, be proactive, and contribute to the success of their property with well-defined strategies and objectives, is our speciality. Get in touch with the Best Resort Consultants in Delhi NCR  for more information.

5 Reasons To Hire A Hospitality Consultant

5 Reasons To Hire A Hospitality Consultant

The modus operandi of Hospitality consultancy services is to investigate key areas of the business to ensure maximum profitability. Numerous clients are looking forward to starting a hospitality business or many others who have an established business but struggling to run it effectively. It is wise to consider the important 5 reasons to hire a hospitality consultant.

First, they run an in-depth analysis of the following key areas:

  • Revenue management
  • Hotel operations
  • Internet distribution system
  • IT integration
  • SEO and hotel website design
  • Purchasing and control systems

Industrial Experience

Despite having quite a long run many hotels, resorts, restaurants and hospitality chains face difficulties. Studies suggest that inability to make clear business goals and objectives spells is the major cause for business disruption.

Hospitality consultants have years of experience working in the market. Moreover,

  • They have good contacts in the market
  • They effortlessly find the hotel’s strength
  • They know how to turn an opportunity into success
  • And how to use the available resources in best possible way

Failure As Stepping Stone

Here is where hospitality consultants prove their mettle. They carefully analyse and evaluate the shortcomings and areas that lack performance. The secret of success lies in failure and observing the details we get from our experiences. Our expert consultants at Lekwar Hospitality use their experience of the hospitality industry and turn it to your advantage.

Every Opportunity brings Profitability

Hospitality consultants have a strong link with the varied segments of the market as they have worked with different companies of the market of different countries. Hence one can explore a galore of opportunities. With calculated risks and effective management, you can turn these tides to your favour.

Solution-Oriented Approach

Every now and then a new and unique problem will arise. It is a fact of the matter.  Many times you feel like solving them on your own; it is not only challenging but also time taking. Such situations can be handled better with professional hospitality consultants.  They can resolve the problem in no time with innovative solutions.

Facilitators & Mediators

A hospitality consultant works as a facilitator between the conflicts that may arise in the business. These can often be interpersonal in nature or caused by external business rivalry. Soliciting expert legal, managerial or administerial approach with the help of hospitality consultant not just saves tour time but huge amounts of money as well.

Lekhwar Hospitality substantiates all 5 reasons to hire a hospitality consultant. We carry out time to time check on management reviews, evaluating staff and customer opinions, link with third parties. The overall management review of your hospitality venture ensures high-quality performance. This in turn helps you achieve high sales and profits. Go for the best hospitality consultants in India – Lekhwar Hospitality.

Everything You Must Know About Commercial Kitchens

Everything You Must Know About Commercial Kitchens

Any hospitality establishment or health sector-related building would house a large scale kitchen or a commercial kitchen set up. If you’re a hotelier or own a resort or restaurant of your own then you would also know that a true commercial kitchen is much more than just the equipment or personnel found in it. An ideal commercial kitchen must fulfil needs and have equipment associated with those needs. Being one of the leading large scale kitchen setup experts in Delhi we are well-adept at establishing successful kitchens across the hospitality industry which includes specific components organized in a particular pattern to optimize performance and efficiency.

Trust us for perfect space management and design that brings outs the best in your commercial kitchen layout more effectively. Before delving deeper let us have a look at what constitutes a commercial kitchen.

The 5 components of a commercial kitchen

  1. Cooking Station
  2. Storage
  3. Washing station
  4. Food preparation
  5. Service area

Designated spaces enable one to effectively plan colour palettes, vessels and equipment, designing, decor, etc.

Did you know that there are 5 basic layouts for a commercial kitchen?

In the Assembly line layout, equipment and vessels are arranged in a central row that starts with the preparation phase and ends with a completed item that is ready to be taken to be served.

Island Layout has a central cooking station which has main equipment which then gradually layers out to storage units, washing stations, and food prep counters along its perimeter.

In Zone-style, each kind of activity that goes on in the kitchen is segmented into different zones such as Gravy station, Frying Station, Salad Station, Meat Station etc.

Galley Layout generally has all equipment and activities placed along the two parallel walls. Works for small and tightly packed kitchen areas.

An Open Kitchen layout is the most commonly found layout in most hospitality setups where customers get to see all the action going on in the kitchen area.

Many of these layouts work best with multiple cooks who are each responsible for one part of the food production process. Organising various processes and activities can be effectively allocated. Some have efficient command centres facilitating staff communication and executive chef supervision. Whereas in some layouts numerous cooks can rotate to work multiple stations at once. Go through your kitchen space and select the best layout which enables maximum efficiency and productivity.

Lekhwar Hospitality is the best large scale kitchen setup experts in Delhi who provide expert consultation when it comes to theme design, menu design, equipment and station set up. Our biggest plus point is that we have tie-ups with reputed vendors and can work wonders while giving your commercial kitchen a complete makeover. Avail high-quality service, comprehensive and affordable large scale kitchen setup with Lekhwar Hospitality.

Benefits of Hiring Hotel Consultancy Services

Benefits of Hiring Hotel Consultancy Services

If you’re an entrepreneur in Delhi looking forward to making it big in the hospitality business or an already existing hospitality brand who wants to expand their horizons, a professional hotel consultancy services in Delhi is just what you need!  In addition to providing professional advice to investors, individuals, hotels, resorts etc. an ideal hotel consultancy also nurtures fruitful partnership between their hospitality clients and vendors. It is important to note that while hiring professional hotel consultants in Delhi, to consider the years of both national & international experience they have, respectively, when it comes to hotel operations and business in general.

Speaking of years of industrial experience and exposure in both international as well national hospitality arena- Lekhwar Hospitality Consultancy has proven track record of quality services. We help hospitality establishments become successful, by enabling them to make more effective decisions at the right time. It is essential to know that hiring the services of the top hotel consultants in Delhi should not be regarded as a last resort when things get topsy turvy or an unnecessary expense or a luxury. Hire us, the best professional hotel consultancy services in Delhi to obtain desired results for a flourishing hospitality business. We are an excellent investment not just an added expense. A hospitality set up goes from being good to becoming excellent only with its willingness to change. Leave everything else to Lekhwar Hospitality – the No.1 hotel consultancy in Delhi.

Benefits of Hiring Lekhwar Hotel Consultancy Services

  • We are more than willing to collaborate with hotels having difficulty in business performance, even after some time on the market. Our panel of hospitality experts helps businesses to clearly define their mission and objectives. We are known to help hotels, restaurants, resorts, and hospitality chains to identify their strengths, take advantage of the opportunities that may arise, and make sure resources are used optimally.
  • The secret of success is often in the details- those that come from real-world experiences. We at Lekhwar Hospitality understand the importance of details. Instead of keeping close tabs over the competitors, our professional hotel consultants can make use of this experience and use it to the advantage of your hotel or resort.
  • There are many professional consultancies guarantee you goals, results and benefits that are outright unreasonable and farfetched leaving their clients in a conundrum within the market. An ideal hotel consultancy service, however, leads their clients to opportunities. While many of them are formula-based, some of them are novel and unique. The test of time and strength is in going ahead and grabbing those opportunities by the horns, with calculated risks. We are the best hotel consultants in Delhi having worked in different countries, gathered numerous contacts within the most varied market segments. We can provide technical and human resource support to your setup.

Lekhwar Hospitality is an expert hotel consulting agency in Delhi which puts its experience and resources to use in two main scenarios to witness the hospitality industry flourish.

New Entrants

For individuals and investors thinking of entering the hospitality industry we provide the right kind of expertise and support in the following areas:

  • Defining the right hotel concept
  • Determining the appropriate target
  • Developing business strategies
  • Developing solutions for any scenario
  • Forecasting project profitability
  • Running the project optimally

Established Clients:

For hotels, resorts, restaurants, motels, hotelier chains which are already operational. We provide requisite tools needed to improve operative results and adapt to current demands. We also devise result-oriented strategies assuring steadily increasing levels of profitability in the short, medium and long term by:

  • Transformational Revenue Management culture
  • Breakthrough in Marketing and Sales programs
  • Coaching, guidance and training (at different levels)
  • Definition of the company’s mission, goals and objectives.
  • The development of management, supervisory and know-how skills.
  • Bridging the gap between current and desired situation via Consultancy, advisory and design programs
  • Achieving maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Expansion of the company’s customer base and the market segment.

The best thing about collaborating with expert level hotel consultancy services like Lekhwar Hospitality is high-quality vendor partnerships. We can help you secure better quotes from suppliers and vendors, be it large-scale kitchen setup equipment, furniture, human resources, interior design products and services, menu engineering etc. Enjoy great relationships with them to ensure high-quality installation and deployment made possible only Lekhwar Hospitality.

Hotel Leasing With Lekhwar Consultants

Hotel Leasing With Lekhwar Consultants

Leased hotels and hotel real estate have been the most sought after assets by institutional capital. Numerous big shot hospitality chains like Marriot, ITC, Accor and even Tata are involved in regular leasing and bid-based indexed linked leases which have fuelled the proliferation of the budget hotel sector. With record amounts of capital queued to be invested in alternative asset classes, it’s no surprise that the hospitality sector is experiencing record yields across all sub-sectors.

Investors are always on the lookout for greater returns, which has naturally lead to the humongous percentage of institutional investors considering hotel leasing as long term beneficial investments. With this increasing institutional interest, new structures are being created that can mitigate operational risk and meet the needs of institutional investors. With a telescopic vision that holds a promising future, Lekhwar Consultants – the top hotel lease consultant in Delhi has helped numerous clients to be a part of this tremendous boom in the hospitality sector. Through years of industrial experience and a proficient team that is adept at handling all challenges and roadblocks that hit in the way of progress; we have a proven track record of excellence and quality.

Over the last decade, as per recent research, leased hotels have outperformed some of the other more traditional asset classes in terms of income and capital growth. Lekhwar consultants are involved in discernable strategy planning in this regard as we expect the sector to continue to perform well. Our relentless quest for knowledge, innovation and recent trends has resulted in many clients approaching us. We have been helping clients with their enduring interest in the leased hotel asset class throughout the last few years,  given the weight of capital available. Moreover, we have also guided investors continuing to seek long-term security. We also expect to see investors diversify their portfolios with the addition of newer brands or maintaining equally active targeting brands transforming them into market leaders.

We are the best hotel leasing company in Delhi and we recommend you the franchise management model. Franchise Model consists of a manager who is going to own your business name will bear all the expenses and responsibilities of the establishment while the owner enjoys a regular income from the profits earned by the setup.   Hotel lease is the best alternative to hotel sale and very similar to a rental contract. We have years of experience in guiding our clients for better and stable income models for your business.

Being one of the leading hotel consultants in Delhi, we also suggest you a great diversity of rental conditions such as fixed rent or variable rent that can be set as per inflation rates, or income. Also, there can be a hybrid rent where the tenant can pay a variable rent with a minimum guaranteed amount. These flexible payment agreements, payment options and amicable settlement of debates and discussions rank us high among the top hotel lease consultants in Delhi.

We have earned the unshakeable trust and appreciation among millions of happy customers through our leasing model. Hotel leasing has today become an institutional capital to be a prominent source of inward investment into the hotel sector. Boost your business prospects and earn maximum benefits by joining hands with the best hotel leasing company in Delhi.