Hotel Management and Consultancy Services include the guidance needed in the project planning or business planning of hotels. The service provider gives complete assistance regarding the needs of the project and how the needs should be applied to make the business profitable.

What do Hotel Management and Consultancy Services Providers do?

A Hotel Management and consultancy agency must give significant advice to investors or individuals that are curious to enter the hospitality industry, also assisting hotels or resorts which are already operating.

The main highlights of decent hotel management and consultancy services comprise of the long stretches of involvement it has identified with both hotel operations and business, all in all, incredibly esteeming global experience. Similarly, a wide scholastic foundation is fundamental if we need to recruit the best professional to assist us with being fruitful, by settling on more viable choices at the perfect time.

Hiring the services of a company that specialises in hotel management and consultancy services should not be regarded as a waste or as a last resort when things get ugly. An experienced and well-trained consultant is a great investment to obtain the desired results for your business.

Benefits Of Hiring A Hotel Management And Consultancy Services Provider:

1. Some hotels suffer many difficulties, even after being in the market for a long time in clearly defining their business and goals. An external hotel consulting agency, with experience in the world of hospitality, can identify the strengths of the hotel, make great use of the opportunities that may arise, and make sure that the resources are used optimally.

2. The details are important because sometimes we don’t understand our failures over our rivals. The secret ingredient of success, however, is often in the details, those that come from real-world experiences. The consultant can make use of such experience and use it to the advantage of your hotel or resort during his work of assisting you in booming your business.

3. A consultant has worked with innumerable companies and has many contacts within the most varied market segments. This can be an excellent way to access new opportunities and contacts for an independent hotel or resort.

4. Any problem that arises in a hotel or resort is a unique one, and that it takes a time to solve. For such situations, most probably a consultancy with experience has already dealt with similar problems and therefore can resolve such problems using an effective and efficient way to implement a solution that has already been used in the past.

5. Unfortunately, it is very common for hotels, especially family hotels to have interpersonal problems that stop the business from being successful. Such conflicts rarely come to an end without the intervention of an outsider, whose opinion is respected because they don’t take sides in the debate.

Lekhwar Hospitality’s newer initiatives, such as renting a hotel, acting as a guide in providing the best manpower, kitchen consultancy services, facility planning, etc are going even further. At present, guests are customizing their meals and expecting something new. Lekhwar’s team ensures to offer the best commercial-kitchen equipment which not only frees up space in the back but also expand takeout and other catering functions.



Hospitality for quite some time has been seen as a Global industry whose services have become a lifestyle for some people. In recent years, the volume and requirements for hotel service appear to grow out of the customary hotel offer, forcing an inquiry on the top administration whether the quality and offer of services coordinate with the necessities and wants of clients, and, significantly more critically, regardless of whether they meet and outperform their expectations. Thus, the present-day hotel industry puts a critical emphasize on service quality. The demands of hotel guests and their expectations will in general change powerfully in the modern hotel industry.

The survival of hotels in the current serious-environment progressively relies upon the nature of services, with the only object to accomplish the greatest conceivable satisfaction levels of hotel guests. Hotel visitors’ satisfaction turns into a critical pointer of the hotel business and an inescapable condition for accomplishing upper hand and high business execution. Recognizing customers’ expectations and checking, estimating and dealing with these regarding quality and satisfaction gives essential data to business decision making.

The Tangible and Intangible Services in Hospitality are equally important. Intangible Service characteristic in hospitality industry mean services that can’t be seen and contacted, yet can be felt. Intangible services are hard to sell, as their advantages are more difficult to convey to clients. Advertisers of these services can diminish these dangers by focusing on Tangible signs that will pass on reassurance and quality to the prospective clients. The Tangible cues range from the association’s actual offices to the appearance and attitude of its staff to the letterhead on its stationary to its logo. In the event of the hotel industry, the feeling, the mind-sets made through different elements like lighting, music, fragrance, and so forth make the Intangible elements. In any case, all things considered, the hotel business is tangible.

The Lekhwar Team is proficient at recommending you the best kitchen equipment like dishwashers, blast chillers, shock freezers, pizzerias, sandwich tables, ice cubers, buffet refrigeration, and much more. The team works with mastery, efficiency, and their years of experience would give you the most supple, modular components and multitasking tools. They guarantee to offer the very best commercial-kitchen equipment which frees up space in the kitchen so that you can expand takeout and other catering operations.



Regardless of whether somebody is travelling for business or pleasure, the degree of guest assistance an individual gets on their excursion will help decide if they return for another visit or caution their companions to stay away from your business.

In a period of automation and client service bots, it’s not difficult to begin scrutinizing the significance of guest service in the hospitality industry. It’s one thing for a customer to not mind the self-service of purchasing car insurance online, however, it’s completely different with regards to the lavish expenditure of being looked out for in the hospitality industry.

Here are some top tips to make sure that your business is giving the best guest service in the hospitality industry!

Be Realistic

Being realistic means not to ‘show off’ your business, if it isn’t 5 star. So, don’t be something that you’re not otherwise at the end of the day, you will only have disappointed guests to reply to. Be honest to yourself and your business and make the most out of the great things that you can provide to your potential customers.

Customer Expectations

Businesses should be aware that the majority of their guests will be leaving online reviews once they have stayed at the hotel. This is if their experience was bad or good. Satisfied customers are looking for a great experience and enthusiastic services where it matters the most, and if you provide them with that, a positive review will be posted!

Deliver On Your Promise, Always!

Any business needs to keep customers and clients happy, but in the hospitality industry, it’s incredibly important to keep guests engaged for repeat business and referral purposes. For the customer to return all you need to do is deliver what was promised if you can exceed this expectation where possible this is a great tool to help gain referrals.

Customer Loyalty

Remember satisfied and happy customers are loyal customers, go the extra mile if it’s the need, provide additional items wherever it’s possible, this always helps to impress. Just remember, customers are the most important part of your business, you wouldn’t have anything without them – focus on them at all times – and they will be impressed.

Respond To Feedbacks

Feedbacks play a significant role in helping the business to improve its customer service and be prepared for the next guest. Also remember to never ignore negative reviews, always acknowledge them with the utmost professionalism.

Lekhwar Hospitality was started in 2017 to ensure that the commercial kitchens are convenient and well-designed. Our team of experts have a sound understanding of designer show kitchens, theatre kitchens, bars, and buffet counters, gas systems, and fire suppression systems and more.

We have in-depth knowledge of the latest foodservice equipment, MEP services, and follow strict schedules for the delivery of supplies at sites.