How Much Do Hospitality Consultants Charge?

How Much Do Hospitality Consultants Charge?

How Much Do Hospitality Consultants Charge?

One aspiring entrepreneur just launched his new restaurant at a prime location.

A hotel chain owner considers his newly launched resort, the apple of her eye.

What connects themes both? Business performance. And what guarantees business performance? A professional hospitality consultancy.

Hospitality consultants design the menu, train staff, help hire and stay on until the requisite hospitality establishment can function on its own. Now in both cases mentioned above, the one question that hovers around in their minds is  – How Much Do Hospitality Consultants Charge?

Well for starters, it is difficult to point out the specifics. This is because most hospitality consultants vigilantly guard their prices. And speaking of first-timers or relatively fresher consultant companies, they do not have a strong client relationship portfolio. Moreover, many hospitality consultants charge by the hour, by project or by time period. Secondly, it also depends upon what kind of hospitality set up one owns. Any restaurant, hotel, or even a resort for that matter, gearing up for an on-time on-budget opening is a unicorn. Which is why the best and wisest approach that hotel consultants adopt is by time. It can range from anywhere between a 6-months to 18-months projects. In India, the minimum charges for a professional hospitality consultancy per month start from Rs.50,000.

Being the leading hospitality consultant in India, we are well aware of the hospitality clients needs and requirements. When they ask – Is all that advice worth the investment of time and money? We strive hard to be the right and the best answer they get. Apart from the main consultation our prices generally include insurance, office support, transportation or other expenses covered during the project completion. We have an established client portfolio covering marquee hospitality brands who have uncovered their business potential within a short period of time. For affordable rates, timely completion and service excellence get in touch with the top hospitality consultant in India.

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