Resort Revenue Management For 2021

Resort Revenue Management For 2021

Resort Revenue Management For 2021

After a turbulent spate with the global corona pandemic, the world is slowly returning back to normal. The global pandemic also bought with it revolutionary changes in technology and trade with numerous businesses going digital. This is the golden era of IoT which dominates even the most trivial aspects of lifestyle. 2021 is witnessing tremendous evolution in business, scientific advancements technology and education. Needless to say, even the hospitality industry is up for a major makeover. To gain a maximum market share it is essential to position your resort, hotel, restaurant or hospitality chain in an effective way.

Being a resort owner, you might want to consider key strategies to boost your business and have a competitive edge.

Provide a better booking experience – Research suggests that up to 80 per cent of hospitality set up’s OTA guests would have visited their website at some point. Your resort must have a responsive, dynamic and search-engine friendly website that encourages guests to book directly instead of OTAs instead. Lekhwar Hospitality is a leading resort consultant in India that can help you get a digital marketing makeover! Our team of expert consultants can help divert the majority of traffic to your site. Witness skyrocketing bookings through easy communication via live chat, seamless booking process etc.

Rival or Competitor Analysis – How have rival resort brands overcome the aftermath of the pandemic? How well have they built their consumer experience strategy? What are the positive lessons your brand can learn from competitors? A rival analysis is not just about monitoring prices. You need a really good understanding of their entire offers, inclusions, length of stay, rate evolution, etc.

Automation Process – It will take only a little investment but multilayered benefits if you deploy IoT based technology to your resort. Right from low power consumption rooms and washrooms, solar or wind energy powered ambience, smart control booking and hoteling systems you can bring in any amount of advancement to your resort. A through revenue management system empowered by AI, Big Data, Data Science & analysis can give you some telescopic insight not just into market behaviour but pricing and demand as well. It will also be provided in an easy to consume, highly visual format.

Use these valuable tips for your Resort Revenue Management For 2021. Also to keep your repeat customers coming back for more, lay emphasis on new and improved cleaning protocols or how you are ensuring a safe guest experience in all your campaigns.



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