What is Restaurant Consulting?

What is Restaurant Consulting?

What is Restaurant Consulting?

It can be defined as a professional relationship where a restaurant business expert oversees & implements necessary steps to ensure smooth functioning, long-term growth and stability, along with the brand establishment of the restaurant.

Did you know that two out of every three restaurant operators statistically need professional assistance?

Lekhwar Hospitality is one of the leading restaurant consultants in India offering flexible and affordable services. Are you about to launch a new restaurant? Are you grappling with stalemate concepts which are no longer bearing fruit? Planning for an overall renovation of your restaurant? Be it feasibility study or a well-devised strategy, our business experts put your needs first and offer you personalized services based on the pain-points, challenges and shortcomings. The result – long-term sustainability with steady growth.

We have over a decade of experience working with clients of all types and size. We enjoy a pivotal position of trust with customers across various industrial as well as organisational verticals. As the best restaurant consultants in India, our team of experts help you not just to make your restaurant venture a success or run it smoothly but implement long-term reinforcements to ward-off fatal mistakes, which can lead to restaurant closure. Armed with diverse experience in the industry, and unrivalled expertise, we guide you with –

  • Brand concept and format creation
  • Setting up proper and viable locations
  • Right property selection for your restaurant
  • Enabling smooth hiring and training of your staff
  • Menu development, menu engineering, and menu pricing services
  • Financial planning & accounting services
  • Restaurant architecture & design services

One o the most important components of running a restaurant business smoothly is financial planning. Our restaurant consulting experts analyze the performance of the restaurant on the parameters of Profit & Loss, Cash Flow Statement, Cost of Sales, and Cost of labour. After circumspection and detailed assessment of data, they help you establish systems and structures to keep the restaurant performing.

Lekhwar Hospitality offer an array of services such as –

  • Brand and Concept
  • Hiring and Training
  • Menu Design
  • Restaurant Design
  • Restaurant Finance Planning
  • Social Media/Marketing

If you’ve been grappling with stopgaps and bleak business or you are about to venture into a restaurant business, it is time for experienced professional guidance. Enhance, upgrade and improve your business with Lekhwar Hospitality.

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